25th Esherick Competition

The 25th Annual Wharton Esherick Museum
Woodworking Competition and Exhibition

2018 Theme: Stools

Wharton Esherick's three-legged stools are some of his most iconic pieces. In the 1950s, Wharton began forming scraps of wood whose grain was too interesting to burn as firewood, into the seats of stools. No two were exactly the same; he shaped and sculpted each seat to whatever form the wood grain suggested, always keeping comfort in mind.

To celebrate 25 years of the Woodworking Competition, we are revisiting the challenge of the stool. While Wharton may have considered his three-legged stools "bread and butter" pieces, highly affordable at $25 each, each one is a unique work of functional art, and therein lies your challenge for 2018.

There is a $30 entry fee (for up to three pieces). Deadline for entries is July 1, 2018. For complete details see: