Thomas Hucker & Thomas Huang

Thomas Hucker & Thomas Huang
Wexler Gallery
Philadelphia, PA
May 7 - June 26, 2010

The upcoming exhibit at Wexler Gallery presents new works by contemporary studio furniture artists Thomas Hucker and Thomas Huang.

Thomas Hucker’s work focuses on the contextual relationship of his designs and their surroundings. According to the artist, “a piece of furniture's composition, proportions, and finishes must relate to its surroundings, as furniture does not exist alone.” With a focus on designing and fabricating both functional furniture and sculptural objects, the artist is greatly influenced by traditional European and Asian furniture such as Beidemeir and Ming Dynasty, his aesthetic representing a unique fusion and interpretation of influences.

Thomas Huang’s work attempts to better understand the global condition of cultural mixing through the use of weaving and binding as a metaphor. He explores both traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials. As functional objects, his objects suggest the commonality of our basic human utilitarian needs. As sculpture, they celebrate the diversity of various materials and the intrinsic qualities these materials contain. Combining bamboo, bronze, rattan, wood, steel, and acrylic, his work moves fluidly between studio furniture, contemporary fiber arts, and sculpture.

An Opening Reception will take place First Friday, May 7 from 5 – 8pm.

The Wexler Gallery is located at 201 North Third Street in the historical district of Old City Philadelphia. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm or Monday by appointment. For more information call 215-923-7030 or go to

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Pair of Stone Tables, 2009
Thomas Hucker
Carved marble and yew
15 X 15 X 36 inches


Garden Vessel I
Outdoor sculpture, 2004
THomas Huang
Materials: patina'd bronze, steel