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  • 2016 Annual Appeal

    Dear Furniture Aficionado:

    As you know furniture is integral to our lives. We use it and, when it is designed and made well, we marvel at its ability to functionally and aesthetically enrich our existence.

    We are inviting you to help support The Furniture Society, the premier non-profit organization that brings together furniture designers, makers, collectors, curators, educators, manufacturers, and scholars from around the world to fulfill our important mission:

    Advancing the art of furniture making by inspiring creativity, promoting excellence, & fostering an understanding of this art & its place in society

    By sponsoring a variety of programs and projects that contribute to the education and enrichment of members and the public, The Furniture Society champions excellence, refinement, responsibility, and craftsmanship in furniture.

    The Furniture Society connects all types of furniture designers and makers around the world through conferences, symposia, exhibitions, trade shows, publication, member exchange, awards, social media, and collaborations with like-missioned organizations.

    Please consider a tax-deductible financial contribution to help us fulfill our worthy mission. Your donation will help us leverage others’ support, and together we can continue to encourage and promote the very finest furniture design and construction.

    You can do this rather easily at our web site – Click on DONATE and complete the simple form. You may pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal. And you can always mail us a check. You also may pledge your support for payment(s) at a later date.

    Every gift matters, and we appreciate your thoughtful consideration of our request.


    Wendy Maruyama
    Annual Appeal Chair
    Forest Dickey
    Bill Hinman
    Executive Director

  • Contribution – Award of Distinction program

    The Furniture Society's Award of Distinction program names and celebrates its aesthetic and intellectual leaders. As a volunteer driven organization, FS is dependent on donor funding to support its programs. Award funds received in excess of the direct program costs will be made available to the Furniture Society’s Educational Grants program. We will be grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program.

  • Contribution – Educational Grants program

    The Furniture Society's Educational Grants program was established as an extension of the Society’s Awards of Distinction. We will be very grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program, which makes these grants possible.

  • Donation

    Your donation to The Furniture Society helps to support our mission to promote the art of furniture making, and is very much appreciated!