Archive of Past Opportunities

These opportunities are no longer available.

Wanted Design: Look Book 2018

The organizers of WANTED DESIGN encourage Furniture Society members to apply to their new program, titled LOOK BOOK: “It’s a new program/exhibition dedicated to North American companies and design studios to participate in WantedDesign Manhattan in May 2018. There is an application process and we would like to get 10 to 12 top makers from the US and Canada.”

There is no application fee. Submissions are due January 1, 2018.

For complete details and submission information, go to:
Wanted Design: Look Book 2018

Windgate ITE International Residency

Call for submissions: The Center For Art In Wood announces the Windgate ITE International Residency program for 2018 and 2019. Deadline for submissions is midnight, December 30, 2017.

The Windgate ITE International Residency is an 8-week summer program for five artists; a student artist; photojournalist; and scholar who live and work together at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Designed as a collegial experience the program encourages an open exchange of creative and technical innovations and culminates in a group exhibition. We are currently accepting applications from student artists, scholars, and photojournalists for 2018, and from artists, scholars, and photojournalists for 2019.

For more details and to download instructions and Dropbox link for submissions please visit

Deadline for submissions is Midnight, December 30, 2017

John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship (2015)

applications due by July 1, 2015

The John D. Mineck Foundation was created in 2007 to award charitable and educational gifts, which reflect John’s interests and values.  John’s skills as a fine furniture maker were a result of passion, dedication, and the guidance of a well-known furniture artist.  Without that guidance, John would not have realized his capabilities.

Kim Winkle, June 8, 2013, wood
Kim Winkle, June 8, 2013, wood

In an effort to support the art that John loved and the people who make it, the Foundation has created a fellowship to encourage and support a young-in-career furniture artist with the financial assistance to help him/her succeed in his/her journey.  The fellowship has been designed to help support a talented furniture artist looking to fulfill an apprenticeship, develop his/her own skills, and/or make the transition to independence.

The John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship of $25,000 is awarded annually to one artist and is administered by The Society of Arts and Crafts (SAC). This year, the SAC will celebrate the past winners of the Mineck Furniture Fellowship with a special exhibition. The 2015 Fellow will join Will Tracey (2009), Libby Schrum (2010), Bart Niswonger (2011), Nick Hollibaugh (2012), Vivian Beer (2013), and Kimberly Winkle (2014) in an exhibition that demonstrates continued growth and excellence in furniture. The exhibition will be open from August 1 to October 17, 2015.


Criteria and guidelines for applicants can be found at Applications for the fellowship will be accepted until July 1, 2015.