Profile of Takahiro Yoshino Profile 1958 Born in Tokyo 1980 Graduated from Department of Law, Rikkyo University 1980 Learned basics of Woodworking from Shinagawa Training School for Various Professions Studied under: Mr. Jiro Hayashi, Western furniture maker Studied under: Kenji Suda, Japanese traditional woodcraft artist 1986 Became a freelancer. Established Wood Working Studio COM 1988 Moved the shop to Lake Kawaguchiko, foot of Mt .Fuji 1998 Opened Atelier and Gallery COM 2002 Began exchange artist program 2008 Participated in the exhibition: Milano Salone,International Furniture Fair in Milan,     Italy In that exhibition, showcased theBig-Bench and the Shizuku (rain drops)     Light in the Japanese Design booth 2011/ 2012/ 2013 Hawaii Wood show participation June 19-21, 2014, ・Tak Yoshino was participating in the Furniture Society Conference in Port Townsend Washington, U.S. ・ Tak Yoshino gave a presentation about the” Unique Holistic custom made chair”. June 20,2014 ・Tak Yoshino gave a demonstration about the effective method to make and use the Japanese small plane for an actual chair seating surface.